Our Company Growth

Adsys PTY LTD was established in 2005 as a small Australian engineering company. Starting out as a consultancy company specialising in project management and factory layouts, Adsys has grown considerably and expanded its services, products and goals throughout the years. It has progressed from consultancy to manufacturing equipment to developing materials handling systems.

Today, Adsys specialises in a total electrical control, including developing supporting PLC software, total turnkey systems, robotics and automation, in addition to designing, manufacturing and installation of quality equipment and control systems. Adsys is proud to have developed many long-term clients in addition to continually expanding its client base with its success.

A Brief Overview

2013 Amcor, Rocklea designed and manufactured pallet inserter and bypass lines,

designed and manufactured infeed conveyors,

designed foundation layouts and drawings for new equipment,

automated material handling systems for new equipment

Amcor, Brooklyn designed and manufactured corrugater take-off conveyor

2012 Amcor, Rocklea designed factory layouts and product flow configuration,

designed foundation layouts and drawings,

automated material handling systems

Amcor, Brooklyn designed and manufactured infeed conveyors

Boral designed and manufactured movable backstops for stacking line

2011 Amcor, Rocklea recovered machinery equipment due to Brisbane floods

Amcor, Brooklyn designed and manufactured infeed conveyors

2010 Amcor, Regency Park designed factory layouts and product flow configuration,

designed foundation layouts and drawings,

automated material handling systems

Guala Closures, Sunshine automated material handling systems,

supplied special-built purpose conveyors

Amcor Closures South Australia general consultancy engineering

2009 Impact designed factory layouts and product flow configuration

Amcor, Athol Park provided engineering project management,

provided factory layout options for new equipment and warehouse,

designed, manufactured and installed conveyor systems for new converting machine,

provided turnkey system for transferring conveyors to new warehouses

Mesh & Bar designed, manufactured and installed conveyors for reinforced bar

Citypak, Somerton designed and manufactured automated strapping and stretch wrap conveyor systems

2008 Sita Environment Solutions general engineering consultancy

Amcor, Bibra Lake designed and provided manufacturer drawings for structure supports,

(Spearwood) designed machinery and equipment upgrades

ACB, Wetherill Park removed corrugated equipment and reinstated environment to original condition

Golden Cockerel designed and provided general factory layout drawings

2007 Amcor, Smithfield provided a full turnkey conveyor system for new installations

Amcor, Revesby designed, manufactured and integrated robotic load forming systems for converting machines

Amcor, Townsville designed layout of corrugated equipment,

upgraded conveyor system for finished goods

2006 Amcor, Rocklea $40 million project and engineering management for relocation of corrugated equipment

Amcor, Brooklyn finished goods layout,

designed and manufactured conveyor systems

Amcor, Scoresby designed and manufactured material handling equipment for converting machine

Citypak, Somerton designed factory layouts and product flow configuration,

relocation of corrugated equipment

2005 Brisbane Steel Fabrication upgraded engineering designs to comply with relevant Australian standards,

provided manufacturing drawings

Visy Automation designed and manufactured pallet dispensers

Visy Board, Carole Park general consultancy engineering